In an unbelievable display of stupidity international Serbian star Milos Teodosic launched a bottle on Panathinaikos fans during the Greek A1 finals.

The incident occurred during the second half of the game. Teodosic who was subbed just moments before suddenly stood up and launched a bottle on Panathinaikos fans who were sitting on the court-side armchairs (opposite Olympiacos bench).

The bottle obviously found it’s aim, as Teodosic is famous for his accuracy (which he has displayed numerous times with his famous “baseball” passes) and as a result some hot headed Panathinaikos fans, situated at the right side of Olympiacos bench, tried to reach him, but police held them back.

Teodosic was nervous from the beginning of the game and as a result he got called a technical foul during a dead-ball situation when Panathinaikos was shooting free throws and resulted in Ivkovic substituting him and shouting at him.

See the video below:


It seems that this incident is just another episode of the Teodosic-Panathinaikos saga…