Photo: ClutchPoints

In an interview with Vlad TV, ex-NBA forward Matt Barnes talked about his infamous the Kobe Bryant Flinch episode:

“One thing about Kobe is that he is physically gifted, but his mental approach is second to none. He will do all kinds of stuff to mentally fu*k with you and not say a single word. Grabbing you, elbowing you, cheap shoting you, just sneaky veteran shit he can get away. I was retaliating most of the time, and I’ll be getting calls, so I came to the point where I said fu*k basketball we are about to fight.

I ball faked, and that sh*t kind of happened by itself, and I didn’t realize how close I came to his face and where his face was. I was looking at the play behind him, searching for Vince Carter going back door, and it made NBA history,” Barnes said.