Zdovc leaves Olimpija

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Jure Zdovc decided to break the contract with Union Olimpija and leave the club. He was head coach of Union Olimpija from December 2008. He decided to take this move due to personal reasons and made his decision clear to everyone on today’s evening practice. Union Olimpija will be led by assistant coach Miro Alilović until further notice.

Jure Zdovc:“To leave the position of head coach of Union Olimpija was made due to personal reasons. Considering the circumstances we worked in last two years and a half, I believe the results were great. I would like to thank everyone who stood by my side and supported me but in this moment I have no energy or will to continue. In this season we achieved all the results and I truly believe that this team will win also Slovenian championship. I am glad that club is stable and I wish the club and the people working there all the best also in the future.”

Janez Rajgelj, GM of Union Olimpija: “We are sorry that we had to break the contract with Jure Zdovc. The decision was made only by his side. Due to his expert leadership and knowledge we had results which we couldn’t dream of in the start of August. It is a fact that the leader of this success story on the court was coach Jure Zdovc. Until further notice the senior team of Union Olimpija will be coached by coach Miro Alilović who worked as assistant coach until now.”

Source: Union Olimpija