Stephen Jackson on Anthony Davis: “He will be the MVP of the league”

Anthony Davis LA Lakers
Photo: Bleacher Report

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson stated that LA Lakers star Anthony Davis will earn the MVP Award in the 2019/20 season.

“My MVP is Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis should’ve been the MVP the last four years. If he was on a great team, he probably should’ve won MVP.

Anthony Davis, if he’s healthy, he’s Tim Duncan on steroids. He’s athletic Tim Duncan with a 3-point ball. So, he’s never played with the best all-around player in the game, he’s never played with a dominant player like LeBron.

So, I believe that if Anthony Davis can stay healthy, with the best player on the world in his side, there’s no way they [wouldn’t] win a championship,” Jackson said during his appearance on The Odd Couple featuring FOX Sports’ Chris Broussard and Rob Parker.

Davis and the Lakers are considered the favourites to reach the 2020 NBA Finals.