Photo: ClutchPoints

The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry assessed the newly-formed Los Angeles Lakers:

“I mean they’re tough. You start with LeBron and AD. Those are two guys who demand your attention every possession, and I think they showed (on Wednesday night) a little bit how they can work in tandem, putting pressure on that three or four spot, with either JaVale (McGee) or Dwight (Howard) leading up, and LeBron having two lob threats.

And they’ve got some shooting around them, perimeter defense. They’re good. It’s going to take a lot to beat them. You can tell when a team truly believes that a team is good, but they still have to go out and prove it. They have that vibe over there, like they know that they’re talented but I think there’s an edge to them,” Curry told Sam Amick of The Athletic.

Last season, 31-year-old sharpshooter averaged 27.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.2 assists per game.