EL Fantasy Challenge round 4

ImageAs the competition progresses there will be less and less players that will be able to gain the max with minimum IRP. There will however be some steals and catches that make up for it. Let's have a look at this week's fantasy market situation.

Players that gain the max with minimum value.

(All stats are a  courtesy of www.hoopsstats.com )


Bo McCalebb (51.7 credits): Based on his excellent performance of last week, McCalebb needs just 6.5 IRP to gain the max and 0.7 IRP to remain idle. Partizan faces Lietuvos Rytas in Lithuania.

Sergio Lull (45 credits): Llull scored 20 IRP last week against Panathinaikos. As a result he needs 7.3 IRP for the max and 0.6 to remain idle. He could find the time to reach those numbers against Oldenburg in Germany.


Matt Walsh (66.1 credits): Obviously, Walsh tops the list of SG-SFs that will gain the max. He needs -21.4 IRP to do so and he should in the teams of everyone who is looking to add some value and have a more than decent shot at a high score. Olimpija faces weakened CSKA in a do-or-die game in Moscow.

Je-Kel Foster (54.8 credits):
He has been one of the most consistent SG-SFs in the beginning of this season. He provides 19.1 IRP per game, still being underpriced at 54.8 credits. He needs 5.7 IRP to get the max against Real in Germany.

Martynas Gecevicius (53.2 credits): This could be the lst week that Gecevicius is cashing in on his great first-week performance. He needs 10.4 IRP to gain the max, as Rytas hosts Partizan.


Darjus Lavrinovic (63.9 credits): -27.3 credits for the max. Let's moce to the next player…

Stanko Barac (14.5 credits): He makes in interesting pick to anyone that has just a few credits to close a team. He needs -2.8 IRP for the max. Caja Laboral visits Maroussi.

Aleks Maric (47.6 credits):
Maric needs -0.7 IRP to gain the max against Lietuvos Rytas. He had a monster game last week against Orleans and is expected to keep up the pace this week.

Ali Traore (45 credits):
He had a mediocre game last week, but he is still cashing in on his second week performance. He needs 3.7 IRP for the max this week in the tough game against Barcelona in Spain.

Top players in participation

A good way to decide which players to pick is their playing time. More playing time means more chances to get IRP. Let's have a look at the top 10 players participation-wise.

David Logan 37.3'
Ibby Jaaber 36.6'
JR Holden 36.1'
Mantas Kalnietis 35.2'
Je'Kel Foster 35.2'
Mindaugas Lukauskis 35'
Billy Keys 34.7'
Jamon Lucas 34.5'
Morris Finley 34.3'
Matt Walsh 34'

Click here for the full list.

A few more interesting picks value-wise

Ibby Jaaber (60.1 credits): He sees second most minutes in the competition so far, he is leading Roma in the Italian league with great performances and he is very attractive at 60 credits (due to the bad second week). In addition Roma seems to be in good shape in the Euroleague which means that he'll be getting the bonus more often than not. Roma hosts Maccabi

Morris Finley (52.9 credits): One can easily picture Finley ending the season with an average of about 14-15 IRP which is more than decent for a PG in the Fantasy Challenge. AJ Milano hosts Khimki

Bojan Popovic (52.3 credits): He had a bad game last week, yet he continues to be the only reliable playmaker of Rytas who faces Partizan at home this week.

David Logan (62.1 credits): The player who sees most minutes on court than any other seems to be at a reasonable price to buy for the long run. But, wait! Prokom faces Panathinaikos this week at home so Logan's price could drop further as he needs 10.8 IRP to remain idle. He is capable of course to pull off any game.

Erazem Lorbek (47.3 credits): It is more likely that he will pick up the pace and score more IRP than his current average of 11.7, making him a very attractive choice at 47 credits.

Marijonas Petravicius (45.9 credits): Same as Lorbek.

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