ImagePatrick Baumann, FIBA's Secretary General, stated in the website of the Spanish Basketball Federation that FIBA is examining the possibility of raising the number of teams that take part in the World Championship to 32 from the current 24.

"Currently there are 24 teams that take part in the World Championship, we are however examining the possibility to raise the number to 32. We have to take the consequences to the structure of the tournament under consideration, but we cannot take the risk destroying the balance.

We have to see if it worth it, even if obviously the increase of the teams to 32 is positive in every aspect: attendance, TV rights, sponsors…We have received 17 applications for the 4 wildcards we are going to hand out. The fact that so many countries are interested in taking part is making us think of raising the number, but it is not necessary that we do so. We cannot risk a possible false decision as more teams will produce low quality games too. We have to examine the matter to the detail." Baumann said.

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