ImageWith Euroleague Fantasy entering it's second week, everything is now setup and ready for TalkBasket's brand new private league, with special Euroleague prizes for the winners.

You can join our league with simple steps.

1. Go to Euroleague Fantasy Challenge home page

2. Login with your username and password
3. Click on the "Private Leagues" tab on top menu and choose "Join Private Leagues"
4. Find "TalkBasket" (not private league
(currently in STRAVASI EUROLEAGUE to test1)
5. Choose it and enter the password at the bottom box

League name: TalkBasket
Password: euroleague

The prizes for the three winners will be a Euroleague ball, t-shirt and scarf.

You can enter as many as three teams in this league but after the end of Week 3 you will be able to keep your best team and the rest will be deleted.

You can also join our 2nd league, (password: tbleague) with unlimited teams.