ImageHello again. Obviously, in the second week of the Fantasy Challenge, many players will gain the max raise based on their performance of the first week, while others will lose the max. Let's have a look at them.

Power Forwards – Centers

Darjus Lavrinovic (48.3 credits): Darjus is a no-brainer of course. He scored 49 IRP last week and he is likely to be gaining the max for weeks. He needs -21.23 points to gain the max this week.

Dimitris Mavroeidis (49.5 credits): He scored 20 IRP against CSKA last week and he needs just 8.43 IRP this week to gain the max. Maroussi plays Olimpija in Slovenia. He scored 12 IRP in about 19' in Maroussi's easy win over Kavala this weekend.

Ryvon Covile (46 credits): 22 IRP against Olympiacos in Piraeus last week is not bad. In the weekend he scored 11 IRP in his team's win over ASVEL. Orelans plays Lietuvos Rytas in France and Covile need 4.45 IRP to gain the max

Jordi Trias (13.8 credits): Trias scored 8.8 IRP last week against Fenerbahce. This week Barcelona faces Cibona at home. Trias needs -0.87 IRP to gain the max, but the question is: will he see any playing time?

Shooting Guards – Small Forwards

Martynas Pocius (10.3 credits):
Pocius was great last week and it became clear that he will have a leading role in Zalgiris as he scored 17.6 IRP against ASVEL. This week Zalgiris plays Siena in Italy, but Pocius needs -11.65 to gain the max.

Martynas Gecevicius (40.3 credits): Another player I "gave" you last week. He scored 27.5 against Efes and needs -1.86 this week against Orleans in France to gain the max.

Fernando San Emeterio (26.4 credits): San Emeterio needs -1.29 to gain the max as Caja Laboral hosts Maccabi. In the weekend he saw some 35 minutes again and scored 17 IRP.

Je'Kel Foster (41.4 credits): Foster needs -0.40 IRP to gain the max. Oldenburg plays at home against AJ Milano. Foster scored 14 IRP this weekend as his team crushed Dusseldorf.

Pete Mickeal (72.5 credits): With 35.2 IRP last week, clearly being one of Barcelona's leaders, Mickeal needs 6.46 IRP this week against Cibona to gain the max. He had 5 IRP in 16' in the ACB this weekend.

Linas Kleiza (79.3 credits): Why buy a player at 79 credits you may ask. Well he needs just 11.53 IRP to gain the max and he is the leader of Olympiacos. Kleiza was voted MVP of the openning gameday in Greece.

Qyntel Woods (72.5 credits): He did everything he could to lead his team to victory last week, but it was not enough. He scored 29 IRP however and needs 12.66 this week against Real in Spain to gain the max.

Point Guards

Bojan Popovic (46 credits): Popovic is the only reliable playmaker of Rytas which brings him a lot of minutes. Last week he scored 20.9 IRP and needs 7.45 this week to gain the max. Rytas plays Orleans in France.

Carlos Cabezas (55.2 credits): Cabezas needs 10.84 to gain the max against Panathinaikos in Athens as he scored 20.9 IRP last week against Real.

Bo McCalebb (39.1 credits):
McCalebb played 26 during the weekend for an evaluation of 20. Last week he scored 13 IRP and needs 9.48 to gain the max this week against Efes in Turkey.

And a few players to keep an eye on:

Morris Finley (PG, 48 credits): The leader of AJ Milano in Italy needs 15.6 IRP against Oldenburg to gain the max and 12 to remain idle. He scored 24 IRP this weekend in the Italian league.

Alan Anderson (SG-SF, 72 credits):
He will be the top scorer of Maccabi and possibly of the Euroleague. Last week he scored 25 points for an index rating of 24. He needs 18 to remain idle and 20.7 to gain the max. Maccabi plays Caja Laboral in Spain.

Stratos Perperoglou (SG-SF, 51.8 credits): He sees a lot of minutes in Panathinaikos. Last week he scored 17.6 IRP and needs 12.16 to gain the max against Khimki in Athens this week.

Cedrick Banks (SG-SF, 48 credits): Banks is the leader of Orleans. He scored 12 IRP against Olympiacos last week. This week Orleans faces Lietuvos Rytas in France. He needs 15.6 for the max.

Marko Tomas (SG-SF, 48 credits): Same as Banks. Cibona plays against Barcelona in Spain.

Ksistof Lavrinovic (PF-C, 92 credits): Eventhough he costs 92 credits, he needs just 15.50 IRP to gain the max thanks to his 37.4 performance last week. This is doable since Siena faces Zalgiris in Italy this week.

You can now start joining our private leagues! The first and main league is named "TalkBasket" and the password is: euroleague

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