ImageOk, first gameday is over and it is time to see how we summed up with our predictions. Overall I would say we did pretty well, even if a couple of suggested players did not do not so good. Let's go by them one by one.

Fernando San Emeterio: He needed 7 credits to gain the max and he scored 15. That is more than double, which means he will keep rising the next weeks too.

Ali Traore: He was trapped in the paint defence of Maccabi and was unable to help his team. He scored mere 3 IRP and lost the max, while he will most likely keep losing the next weeks.

Morris Finley: Even if he played against Panathinaikos, he proved that he is the leader of AJ milano. All in all he scored 12 IRP and remained idle which is not bad for a PG. He was 9th best PG tied with Billy Keys.

Marko Tomas: He needed 11 to stay idle and 13 for the max. He scored 12 IRP, the highest of a team that scored mere 40 points in the whole game. He gained 4 credits. Not bad.

Martynas Pocius: Hats off! He proved to be the go-to guy for Zalgiris. Definitely a keeper. He scored 16 IRP and got the 10% bonus, thus 17.6. Not bad for a guy that cost 9 credits.

Joel Freeland: Even if he was struggling up until the last quarter, he stepped up and led his team to victory. He needed 14 for the max. He scored 13 IRP and got the bonus for 14.3.

Aleks Maric: Maric got into early foul trouble and was not able to help his team alot. He was however the go-to guy when he was on court and showed a very good rebounding touch. He scored 9 IRP and lost a couple of credits.

Adam Lapeta:
Even though he was just a supplementary pick, Lapeta was not good with -2 IRP. But he didn't see much play time either: just under 6 minutes.

Cedrick Banks: Obviously he's going to be one of the leaders of Orleans along with Ryvon Coville and Austin Nichols. The 12 IRP he scored are not bad. After all Orleans faced Olympiacos in Piraeus.

Martynas Gecevicius: Now this was an excellent pick. With just 35 credits you get 25 + 10%=27.5 IRP. He's a keeper for sure.

Bojan Popovic: He had the third best PG performance along with Carlos Cabezas with 19+bonus. Of course he got the max and is worth 46 now, still not too expensive to get him.

Billy Keys: He did exactly what was expected, especially against CSKA. At the end he had 12 IRP, very close to his regular average.

Milos Teodosic: Oddly enough he did not see much playing time, eventhough he started the game. He did however score 10 IRP and got the bonus, effectivelly gaining the max, so not bad at all for 34 credits.

Sofoklis Schortsanitis: As we said on the last minute note, he had the swine flu and did not travel to Milano.

Georgi Shermadini: The game was tougher than expected for Panathinaikos and for Shermadini. He commited 5 fouls in just over 12 minutes and was unable to help. Seems he is not ready for the toughest level. -1 for him and max drop.

Finally I am going to pick a few players from those that were not analysed, but suggested as interesting for their price:

Pete Mickeal: 32+bonus=35.2. Need I say more?

Darjus Lavrinovic: With 49 IRP he was the MVP of the week and pulled of the 8th best performance in Euroleague history.

Dimitris Mavroeidis: 20 IRP. Sixth best PF-C performance.

Ibby Jaaber: Fifth best PG performance with 17+bonus.

Top PG's

Terrell McIntyre  24+
Ricky Rubio  21+
Carlos Cabezas 19+
Bojan Popovic 19+
Ibby Jaaber  17+
Dimitris Diamantidis 14+
Bo McCalebb 13
JR Holden 12+
Billy Keys 12
Morris Finley 12
Theo Papaloukas 11+
Daniel Ewing 11
Mantas Kalnietis 11+
Milos Teodosic 10+

Top SG-SFs

Pete Mickeal 32+
Linas Kleiza 31+
Qyntel Woods 29
Vassilis Spanoulis 25+
Martynas Gecevicius 25+
Je'kel Foster 22+
Ricky Paulding 18+
Trajan Langdon 17+
Viktor Khryapa 16+
Kennedy Winston 16+
Stratos Perperoglou 16+
Martynas Pocius 16+

Top PF-Cs

Darjus Lavrinovic 49
Ksistof Lavrinovic 34+
Curtis Borchardt 28
Tiago Splitter 27
Ryvon Coville 22
Nikola Pekovic 20+
Dimitris Mavroeidis 20
Ronnie Burrell 19
Travis Watson 18+
Giorgos Printezis 18+

Top 10 overall

Darjus Lavrinovic 49
Ksistof Lavrinovic 34+
Pete Mickeal 32+
Linas Kleiza 31+
Qyntel Woods 29
Curtis Borchardt 28
Tiago Splitter 27
Vassilis Spanoulis 25+
Martynas Gecevicius 25+
Terrell McIntyre  24+

Ideal first week team

Bojan Popovic 40
Bo McCalebb 34

Pete Mickeal 63
Linas Kleiza 69
Qyntel Woods 63
Martynas Gecevicius 35

Darjus Lavrinovic 42
Dimitris Mavroeidis 43
Ryvon Coville 40
Travis Watson 64

Worth: 493
Score: 270.5

The winner of the first week scored 233.8 which is a huge score. But don't despair, as you can see there is plenty of room for improvement.

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