American international star Danny Granger is not enjoying his stay in Turkey where the FIBA World Championship is taking place… but why?

Well according to him his opponents do not possess the right odour to be liked by him. You don’t believe me? Just have a look at what he wrote via his twitter account after USA game against Brazil.

No one likes foul smells, that is for sure, but I have some comments to add:

1. Brazil is not in Europe you moron, if you don’t believe me, open a map, find USA (can you actually do that?), look at South-East, can you see it?
2. We European women love our men natural odour, nothing better than horny sweaty man, especially a European one.
3. Coming from Louisiana – it is only natural to know the smell of literally every dead animal there is. Being born in swamps filled with rotting animal corpses can affect one’s brain as Granger proves. Not to mention the inbred, the vampires and the vinos.
4. I guess Danny didn’t get much of English grammar at school. Nothing fancy, just the basic, starting a sentence with capital letter, using apostrophe (I’m just guessing that he knows what an apostrophe is) when needed and a full stop.