Wedding fever last weekend in Greece where both Manolis Papamakarios and Nikos Zissis enetered the married-men club. Guests included Ksistof Lavrinovic, JR Holden, Teo Papaloukas and many others.

Nikos Zissis married his sweetheart of many years Fani Skoufi, and the best man could be no other than his best buddy, Vassilis Spanoulis who seems to prefer weddings to signing with a team when half of Europe is after him, as this is the second couple he weds in 10 days. Spanoulis was accompanied by his wife Olympia Hopsonidou and other guests included Teo Papaloukas and his girlfriend Vassiliki Tsekoura, the JR Holden family, Tomas Van den Spiegel and Ksistof Lavrinovic. A tiny bride’s maid came in JR Holden’s 3-year old daughter. Most of their time they spent on the sandy beaches of Chalkidice before and after the wedding.

Several hundered kilometers south of Chalkidice, on the island of Crete, Manolis Papamakarios married his own sweatheart, Malamo Karastamati, with Kostas Tsartsaris serving as best man. Crazy drummer-boy Yannis Bouroussis was among the guests as was his best man, Nikos Hatzis and his wife Niki Kartsona.

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