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A few days ago, Dirk Nowitzki’s ex, convicted forger and thief Cristal Taylor, gave an interview to American news magazine Inside Edition from inside the prison, claiming that she still loves him and that she lost the baby she was carrying.

This is the article by Inside Edition:

“Are you a gold-digger?” asks INSIDE EDITION’s Megan Alexander.
“No. It was never about the money, ever,” avers Cristal Taylor.

“Did you love him?” asks Megan Alexander.
“Very much so,” she says.

She says she and the NBA star were planning to get married at his mansion: “I had already picked out my wedding dress, and the shoes, and everything.”

But the wedding was called off following her arrest in May. There were also reports that Taylor was faking a pregnancy to get the hoops star to marry her.

But Taylor says the pregnancy was no hoax.

“Did he know you were pregnant?” asks Megan Alexander.
“What happened?”
“I started getting really, really stressed out and then I lost it,” Taylor says.

Taylor is serving a four-year prison sentence for forgery and stealing, and she has a message for the basketball star: “I love him very, very much and I wish he would have stood by my side.”

Dirk Nowitzki’s lawyer told INSIDE EDITION that a court-ordered pregnancy test determined that Ms. Taylor was not expecting a baby, adding that her personal and legal problems are well known.”

In the video bellow you can clearly hear that Dirk is saying to Cristal “Hey mommy” so at least Cristal has been telling the truth about her ex-fiancee knowing about the pregnancy. Whether the pregnancy was real or not, is another story.

Taylor also gave an interview to the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag”, describing how the two met and how Dirk finally proposed.

“It was five years ago and a pure coincidence. I mis-dialed wanting to call my brother and I ended up hearing an answering machine. I thought, wow, this guy sounds really sweet, and so i left a message.”

Nowitzki answered many months later. They were talking and liking each other even if Christal Taylor didn’t know who Dirk was (says Taylor).

They arranged to see each other during a basketball game, Mavericks vs Rockets, but that was all they did. They kept talking and sending messages. Dirk was in another relationship back then.

Nothing more happened the first three years of the acquaintance, but then everything went really fast as Dirk proposed on New Year’s.

“He had layed rose petals from the bath to the bedroom. He went on his knee and openned a Tiffany’s box. The most beautiful ring I had ever seen was in there, from the Legacy collection with a very large diamond.”

-Where is the ring now?

“In a secure place. I asked Dirk if he wanted the ring back, through lawyers. He said no. I will never sell it.”

Taylor goes on describing everyday life, how Dirk got her a dog, how he told his teammates about his engagement and what the wedding was supposed to be like.