George DikeoulakosCoach George Dikeoulakos answers the questions of readers. Send your questions by clicking on Ask The Coach.

Laurence Gray, USA: How do you feel about Torrell Martin's performance? He was close to being a part of a playoff caliber team and now he's playing overseas. Not saying that venue is 2nd rate but does he have NBA talent?

George Dikeoulakos: Torrell Martin is a very good player, and of coure he has NBA talent. I believe that in 2-3 years from now we'll discuss about him as a good NBA player. What I believe is that for the most players who are not at the first 10-15 positions at the draft, it is ideal to play overseas, especially to countries which have forcerful teams in Europe. In that way they take more expierence and complete them as personalities and become more ready to play at the NBA.

Alessio, Italy: Hi, I'm Alessio, I'm 13 years old. I would like to ask you a question. It's very important for me because I play in a good team but I'm good only at the defence. I'm a post player and under the board. I miss some shots. I don't know why. This is my problem. Can you give me some suggestions please?

George Dikeoulakos: Alessio, the best think is to ask your coach if your technique is apropriate. There are lots of different kinds of shots and moves under the basket. So I can't say anything before I see your moves and your shot technique. And the first thing I would check before checking your shot is if you make a strong pivot move, and if you bend your knees before you jump. There are a lot of different drills like left righ hook, shot fake + up and under move, and many others. But I am telling you one more time that the best thing for you is to build a good relationship with your coach and not be shy to ask him about anything. It's the only way to improve. He can help you more than I do, more than anyone else.

Sangare, France: Hi coach, I play basketball in France. I would like to join a high school basketball in United States and I would like to know how I do that.

George Dikeoulakos: As far as I know you just have to send some e-mails including your info and maybe a DVD with a nice game of you (not highlights). But you must be very careful on the level of the high school. Don't try to find the best high school, just a team that they'll need you as a player. Follow this website and I am sure that you'll find your way.