CSKA Moscow - Andrey Vatutin
Photo: TASS

The president of CSKA Moscow Andrey Vatutin was critical of VTB League’s decision to make the teams’ budget public.

Here is what the experienced executive told Izvestia:

“In my opinion, putting the budgets on display is purely for Russian entertainment. It does nothing but creating problems for CSKA.

The whole continent counts the money in our pocket, carefully ‘covering’ their own. None of the other national leagues, as well as the Euroleague, plan to do this.

It’s wrong to make comparisons here: We work in different countries, economies and tax systems. In the end, the difference in climate is also an important factor.

When players have two identical offers, one from CSKA, the other from Barcelona, 95% of them will choose Catalonia.  Better climate, more sun and so on.”

CSKA Moscow has a budget of 40.7 million euros.