ImageThis week’s feature statistic: Rebounding percentage. Rebounding percentage, a common tool in the United States to determine a player’s production on the boards, is a minute- and pace-adjusted estimate of offensive, defensive and total rebounding.

Or, in other words, the rebounds a player picks up are set into context with the number of shots that are missed [available rebounds for the player to grab] as well as the minutes he spends on the court.

This early in the Euroleague season, there is only a small sample size, so we should be careful not to dramatically overrate the results the calculation offers us. I set the minimum playing time for a player to appear on this list to a total of 25 minutes. 25 minutes is still not much. As you know, even an average rebounder might get lucky and catch ten plus x rebounds in 30 minutes. The calculations will be a lot more valuable at the end of Top16.

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