ImageGAME OF THE DAY: The Greece versus Croatia match started with high intensity from both sides, and especially on both sidelines, with Kazlauskas and Repesa continously working the referees right from the tipoff.

Everything hinted towards a close one from start to finish, before Greece started pulling away based on some magnificent plays by Ioannis Bouroussis, more about him later. With their signature pick’n'roll and high-low game working to perfection, Greece rushed to a 52-31 halftime lead, while Croatia only had some nervous scoring by Roko-Leni Ukic [15 points on 6/15 shooting] going for them. Greece later conserved their big lead all the way to the third quarter buzzer, before Croatia pulled back under the leadership of Nikola Vujcic and Zoran Planinic, only minus six at one point, after a long three by Vujcic. However, a difficult three off the dribble by the otherwise unlucky Spanoulis put the game out of reach.

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