Portuguese victories in European Action

BenficaLast night, Benfica kept in the race to Eurochallenge Last-8 after beating Norrkoping Dolphins. In the Women Euroleague, Sónia Reis made her debut with Ros Casares shirt.

Low-post win for Benfica

Benfica beat Norrkoping (83-75) and still has aspirations in EuroChallenge. Sergio Ramos was the game MVP.

It was surprising that, facing a Swedish team where the presence of several players over 2.05m functions as an intimidating trademark, Benfica has outperformed in the physical chapter. Truth is that height does not solve everything in basketball. Despite a clear advantage in some rebounds by Joakim Kjellbom (15 points, 13 rebounds), the total numbers were quite balanced (36-35 for the Swedes). Moreover, Benfica, through Elvis Evora (4 points, 6 rebounds), Heshimu Evans (15 points, 7 rebounds) and Greg Jenkins (13 points, 3 rebounds), was always much more effective in the low post position, a problem the Norrkoping team solved only near the end. In fact, Red’s weight and speed sufficed for Swedish height.

In the exterior game Benfica had a clear advantage, with Miguel Minhava (8 points, 3 assists) and Sergio Ramos (16 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists) to be bigger and stronger than its defenders. With all these weapons, Benfica was always stronger than the Swedish team, although in the second half, Norrkoping threaten to move to the lead. The Benfica’s experience, also benefiting from a good shape and growing confidence, secured a victory that restores the race for the second place in Group K, as Gravelines Dunkerque is leading with a 3-0 record.

Sonia Reis starts with an European win

First game to Sónia Reis with Ros Casares shirt, finishing with a fantastic win of the Spanish team against Hungary MKB Euroleasing Sopron (84-56).

Sónia Reis entered in the game with 1 minute to play in the first quarter, had gave a precious help in the defensive end. With a total 13 minutes of play, Sónia made 4 points, got 3 rebounds and 1 assist.

Talking to Fiba.com, Sónia expressed that “It’s my first game in Euroleage Women and I was very nervous, but I’m extremely happy too, because the team won.” Next week, Ros Casares will travel to Hungary and try to get their ticket to the quarter-finals.

Luís Filipe Cristóvão