On the run

Cajasol Seville defeated Alba Berlin (76-67) in the third round of Last-16. Great game played by Paul Davis and Tomas Satoranski for third straight win. Femerling and Dragicevic were the best players in Alba Berlin.


Strange game played yesterday in Seville. In fact, Cajasol had to won the game twice. The local team started to play like a hurricane. Perfect defense with no fouls, running the floor on offense; they wanted to finish the game really soon and Alba, not expecting this, seemed completely lost. But it only lasted a couple of minutes and surprisingly, it had to be Femerling, with eight points, the man who woke up his team. That way, after a disastrous beginning, the third quarter finished with Alba leading the score 19-20.

The second quarter showed that Alba could also defend. In spite of Cajasol tried everything they could, a mix of good defense and terribly bad luck made impossible to react. What’s more, Alba Berlin, thanks to a great Bryce Taylor and Julius Jenkins, managed to get a good advantage by 7 points. Something that nobody expected after local team’s great first five minutes.

In the second half started the second game. It started all the same as the first quarter, but this time Cajasol took a lead that they wouldn’t lose in the end. Their answers were all the same, but this time the shoots went in. We need to praise the great game played by Satoranski. He’s the true leader on the court right now, making his teammates play in the right pace and even scoring when needed. As always, Paul Davis was a beast inside. Let’s see how long he will stay in Seville…

After forty minutes of great basketball, Cajasol finally won the game. The last losing effort by Derrick Allen was just useless. Final three-pointer by Louis Bullock gave some more confident to Cajasol thinking about basket-average for the second round in which they will have to visit both Benetton Treviso and Alba Berlin with a 3-0 record. On the other hand, Alba is now with a 1-2 record, thinking about next games at home.