LaVar Ball to his sons: “I made you guys superstars”

In or Out?

Tina has a tough time during her first speech therapy session. Gelo moves out of the Ball mansion and in with Zo, starting his physical therapy. LaVar and Zo finally face off over Zo's involvement with BBB.

Posted by Ball In The Family on Sunday, September 15, 2019

In the most recent episode of “Ball In the Family” LaVar Ball was asking Lonzo whether he’s staying or leaving the Big Baller Brand. When Zo chose to walk a way, LaVar did not try to hide his disappointment.

He called Lonzo “damaged goods” to the Big Baller Brand because of his frequent injuries. Lonzo himself recently stated that he had to change the BBB shoes after every quarter due to poor quality.

At one point in the show LaVar took all credit for his sons’ success:

“You’re the one that gotta make it grow. I made you guys superstars for a reason, but if I don’t do the things I’m doing, Zo, you’re just another regular ol’ player.”