Gregg Popovich Team USA
Photo: FIBA.Basketball

Gregg Popovich talked about the performance of Team USA in the Basketball World Cup and the elimination from the semi-finals.

Here is what the legendary head coach told reporters in the press conference after the final game of his team in the tournament:

“Some people want to play the blame game. There’s no blame to be placed anywhere, like we should be ashamed because we didn’t win a gold medal. That’s a ridiculous attitude.

It’s immature. It’s arrogant, and it shows whoever thinks that doesn’t respect all the other teams in the world. Their effort has been exceptional.

It’s not written in stone that the United States is supposed to walk to a championship. I’m not sure what satisfaction there is in beating everybody by 30. I don’t’ see the joy or the glory or the satisfaction in any of that.

The better teams are in the final. France was better then us. We lost and now move forward.”

Team USA finished seventh in the World Cup, which marks its worst performance in the history of the competition