Hasheem ThabeetToday, I decided to post my five college basketball all-stars of African heritage right here.

Top Five African College Basketball Players of the 2008-2009 Season:

Hasheem Thabeet
No doubt that he is the one of the five picked with the most potential to succeed in the pros. Hasheem is a monster when it comes to block shots and pull rebounds but has worked also on his offensive output and has a fine arsenal of moves to choose from these days. Should be having no troubles to play great defense in the NBA right away but may need some time to get into double digits offensively.

Alfred Aboya
If he’s not making it to the NBA, Alf could be a solid contributor in the better leagues in Europe if not in the Euroleague if he works on his post moves. Had a standout year with the Bruins that ended too early in the NCAA Tournament, but needs more of that in the pros. Is a lock on the national-team of Cameroon and should be in Libya in August.

Josh Akognon
Mr. Shoot-first isn’t afraid to take a shot he doesn’t like. This sharp-shooter may not end up in the NBA next year, but could be working himself into a great contract in Europe. If his contract-situation is clear before the African Championships start, Josh may lead Nigeria as a PG to the World Championships.

Chamberlain Oguchi
After experiencing problems in Oregon in the past, the national team-player of Nigeria transferred to Illinois State for his senior-year in which promptly delivered.
With already a World Championship-appearance under his belt, the shooting guard may help Nigeria to another good outing in Libya and subsequently in Turkey next year. Europe may call with a great showing during the summer.

Mac Koshwal
The Sudanese post player applied for the NBA Draft but did not hire an agent. This means he can return to school, and I think that may be the best for him as his chances to earn a contract with a NBA-team look slim at best. He’s a great rebounder but may need a year or two to grow into a complete player at DePaul or elsewhere.

Honorable Mention: Andrew Lovedale (Davidson), Harouna Mutombo (Western Carolina), Ben Uzoh (Tulsa), Ade Dagunduro (Nebraska) and Divaldo Mbunga (Montana State).

BTW: Three African players made it to this year’s Final Four: Idong Ibok (Michigan State), Hasheem Thabeet (UConn) and Frank Tchuisi (Villanova).