NBA Partnership Deals With Betting Firms: All You Must Know

Kawhi Leonard GSW Toronto
Photo: NBA

NBA is a famous basketball association. It is referred to as the National Basketball Association located in the US. The National basketball association started focusing on different field of the partnership after considering the US sports betting. Due to the agreement, the betting became authorized partner of this National Basketball Association. Besides, it also allows the organization to use the game data and logos in the sports betting products even though they didn’t disclose the financial terms of that deal.

In the coming partnerships, you will find that FanDuel also became part of the official sports betting because of the National Hockey League. It means that the betting companies are expanding their roots to the leagues to get data and many other benefits. During the deal, NBA sign Multi-year partnership deal with FanDuel.

It was a deal of having the capacity of delivering the top best products in the current market. It is according to a  report from the FanDuel Chief Executive.

FanDuel is the one responsible for operating sportsbooks in West Virginia and New Jersey. It has shown a great impact because the initial growth of this industry in New Jersey has impacted tremendously where there was a total of $928 million of the total sports wagers that are placed with the sportsbooks after the first six months with legal betting.

In the few months, there have been other spate partnerships occurring between the US professional sports although not the National Football Leagues. They also partner with Casinos.

Later, the NBA also signed another sports betting as a partner. It will, therefore, be buying the official data of the league’s game from the NBA where it can use the team and league trademarks.

This second deal was between the NBA and Canadian-based firm operating in New Jersey. However, the betting company also has a license and therefore legitimate but under BetStar brand. So, the BetStars will become the “Authorized Gaming Operator” and will be a designation that the league is intending to sell to the others.

The partnerships have been of great impact to the NBA. It started after their first deal of signing MGM as their official gaming partner. Even though, MGH also went ahead and did other similar deals with Major League Baseball and NHL.

The betting companies not only benefit from getting the data they need, but they also get the right for logos and marks on their platforms. These help to differentiate them with the offshore sites. Moreover, some have already got authentic looking products.

During the deals, for example, BetStars was to be promoted on NBA assets that includes So, the way the NBA is supposed to promote the available odds is still unknown. However, there is an existing technology allowing the league to geotarget such that the odds will be shown to individuals having the IP address of the states that have been legalized for gambling. Moreover, they also shield the odds of the non-legalized state’s consumer.

Moreover, on the deal, it will also enhance the confidence of the consumer according to their acts and offering as the official endorsement of the sportsbook they are offering.

Besides, the selling of the data doesn’t mean that they will take the league’s pursuit place on the integrity fee and the league will have a small percentage on the total bet of its games provided by the operators. So, as per the terms, they had to agree on the integrity fee where it will be parallel. The state will, therefore, have to consider what role the deal will play in the legislation.