It’s September, which means that the latest installment to the NBA 2K game franchise has just been released. This year’s edition, NBA 2K20, looks to be loaded with game modes and different ways to play ball, be it with the biggest stars in the world or as your own customisable character.

In the run-up to the release of NBA 2K20, many mini-trailers were released to showcase what’s to come, so here, we’re going to be exploring some of the most intriguing ones.

Welcome to the WNBA

Sports titles across all publishers are starting to incorporate women’s leagues and female stars in the games – and it’s about time. NBA 2K20 will debut the WNBA, per, bringing in all 12 teams after having worked with the athletes and motion-capture technology to recreate the players’ unique playing styles and incorporate them into the game dynamics.

The trailer ‘Welcome to the WNBA’ makes it look every bit as high-quality and intense as the previous 2K basketball gaming experiences. With Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks and Breanna Stewart of the Seattle Storm both featuring in the video, the game franchise has opened itself up to a whole new audience of female basketball fans and those who follow the WNBA.


MyTeam is one of the most popular game modes on NBA 2K and it is set to be even bigger this year with the inclusion of even more ways to play. The trailer features YouTuber Cash Nasty playing along while showcasing elements like the pack openings, Evolution Cards, Triple Threat, login bonuses, the Prize Wheel, and the ‘huge reward cards’.

Take-Two have incorporated a lot of interesting gambling-esque gaming attributes this year for MyTeam, with pachinko and slot machines showcased in the trailer.

These moderately new video game tropes are becoming more widespread over the past few years, such as loot boxes in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. It seems contemporary audiences are more demanding in their gaming needs, and industries are now beginning to merge with each other, with the gaming and gambling industry cross-over proving to be ever more popular. For example has over 15 brands to choose from, which incorporate genres and franchises to create immersive cross-over slot games; from Lara Croft and Guns N’ Roses to Game of Thrones.

The Next Neighborhood

NBA 2K’s street play mode looks to be getting an upgrade as well. As relayed by, there will be more game modes than ever before. The trailer itself showcases the freestyle play gaming option, customisable items, unique play styles, mascots, and mini-games. This could well be the deepest and most exciting game mode in NBA 2K20, with oceans of different ways to customise and play.

While playing as the biggest stars of the NBA and WNBA is very enjoyable for all basketball fans, crafting your own street basketball legacy brings an especially entertaining dynamic to the game. With all of the exciting intricate elements showcased in the ‘The Next Neighbourhood’ trailer, there’s no doubt that every NBA 2K player will be looking forward to giving it a go.

Based on the many trailers released for NBA 2K20, it looks to be one of the best basketball games yet. Now with the incorporation of new gaming styles, teams, add-ons and an entirely new women’s league, we can’t wait to get playing and test out our skills!