Rubio Spain Tunisia
Photo: FIBA.Basketball

After leading Spain past Tunisia in the Basketball World Cup opener, Ricky Rubio talked about his feelings when he plays for the national team.

Here is what the Spanish guard told reporters in the post-game press conference:

On playing for the national team of Spain: “I had a great summer, I have a lot of confidence. I was working out physically and mentally. I am on my prime I guess. And that leads me to be one of the leaders of this team.

Marc Gasol is the big guy here, but we have a good squad besides him. We have a lot of experience. Playing for the national team is always different. You are playing with your friends, you are playing for your family and for your country. It’s huge.” 

On the NBA players that have skipped the tournament: “It’s a tough question because I don’t know every case. Everyone has a different reason. You can’t judge them all the same way.

That been said, of course, you want to compete, to give everything for your country, but at the same time you have to take care of yourself too. It’s either yourself or your family some times. Life is bigger than basketball, and we can’t forget that.

Still, we can’t focus on the players who are not here. We have to focus on the players who are here in this tournament. The ones who are not, I bet they have a good reason for not being here.”

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