Photo: ClutchPoints

The first-year guard for the Boston Celtics Kemba Walker says he is impressed by his former teammate on Team USA and the Sacramento Kings guard De’Aaron Fox’s “crazy” quickness and perimeter shooting:

Per USA Today: “He is super fast. His quickness is crazy. His end-to-end speed is ridiculous. He makes fast people look not fast … That’s scary if he’s gotten faster. The thing about him is he’s fast but really under control.

What impressed me the most is probably his shooting. He has really been knocking it down. That is what is going to take him to that next level. Like for myself entering the league, the next step for me was my jump shot. That is what helped me get to the next level. Whenever he consistently gets that, it will be over. It will be over. No question,” Walker said.

This past season, Fox averaged 17.3 points, 3.8 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game.