Gilbert Arenas on Vince Carter: “Vince should be on the bench as a coach or in the office giving his input”

Photo: ClutchPoints

Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas says he is not thrilled that Vince Carter, 42, who signed to a one-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks this summer, will return for another season:

Per TSN: “Let’s be honest here. You have Vince, or you have this young guy. You’re going to choose Vince. He’s put 20 years in. His 5 percent is better than your 100 percent because his 5 percent is going to be smart basketball, so the coach is going to overlook young talent until they get that experience.

When you’re the last guy on the bench or the guy who got cut, you look at someone like Vince and say, ‘Come on, dude. There’s no upside for Vince. Let somebody else get in there and be the next Vince Carter. Vince should be on the bench as a coach or in the office giving his input. That’s a roster spot. You have kids who are 27 in (the Big3) that should be in the NBA.

Why are they not in the NBA? It’s not that I don’t like that he’s playing, it’s just that I had to fight from the beginning. You see a guy who is over the hill already and think, ‘I’m better than you.’ But the coach isn’t going to put me in, and you have no reason to still be playing. You’re not playing for anything, but in his mind, he’s playing for the title of most seasons played,” Arenas said.

This past season, Carter averaged 7.4 points and 2.6 rebounds in 17.5 minutes per game for the Hawks.