Vince Carter on R.J. Barrett: “He’s one guy that I’m kind of excited to see how he turns out”

R.J. Barrett
Photo: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

The Atlanta Hawks veteran Vince Carter has shared his thoughts on the 2019 Rookie Class’s most prominent players:

Per USA Today: “But there are a lot of great rookies out there. It’s easy to say Zion and Morant. I got the opportunity to have a conversation with R.J. Barrett, so I’ve gotten to know him well. To see his hunger and desire to be a good player and his willingness to learn, his willingness to ask questions, he’s one guy that I’m kind of excited to see how he turns out.

Atlanta has drafted some pretty good rookies that have had great college careers. I’m just interested to see these top five guys, top eight players who are really talked about. I’m just interested to see them. Obviously, wherever I play, I’ll get the opportunity to see that rookie play more. But obviously we’re going to see Zion everywhere, and we’re going to see Morant everywhere as well. We’re all going to be tuned in just like everyone else,” Carter said.