Furkan Korkmaz Philadelphia 76ers
Photo: Bleacher Report

Furkan Korkmaz talked about his decision to re-sign with the Philadelphia 76ers and remain with the team for another season.

Here is what Korkmaz told Fanatik’s Gökhan German:

“The reason why I stayed in Philadelphia was the departure of (Jimmy) Butler and (JJ) Redick.

Their departures created a need for a shooter in the team, and I leaned towards the deal. We had actually been negotiating with different teams during the offseason.

Philadelphia was a surprise to me as well, but on the other hand, I am looking at it from a positive perspective. Them calling me back means that I did some good things, left some marks on people over here.

No one will be coming to me and say ‘here is your 25 minutes, go and play.’ I need to fight for my minutes on the court. Otherwise I could have gotten really good deals in Europe.”