Andre OwensThe Bulgarian Basketball Federation and the National Team´s coach Pini Gershon are eagerly waiting for Bulgarian authorities to issue Bulgarian passports for two American players, Andre Owens and Earl Rowland so they can start the preparation with the National Team for Eurobasket 2009.

After the two players join the preparation, alongside Ibrahim Jaaber, Gershon will have to choose just one of them for Eurobasket 2009 as FIBA allows only 1 naturalised player per nation. Of course Jaaber has the upper hand as he has played for Bulgarian National Team last year too, but he has an injury problem which could cost him.

Andre Owens (28, 193cm, SG) spent the last season playing for Red Star and has played for several NBA teams while Earl Rowland (26, 191cm, PG) played for Telekom Bonn last season while he has also played for Barong in Latvia and Artland Dragons, again in Germany.