Ricky Rubio Utah Jazz
Photo: Utah Jazz

Ricky Rubio talked about playing for the national team of Spain as well as his expectations for the Basketball World Cup.

Here is what the Spanish guard told FIBA:

On his expectations for the World Cup: “I see a lot of teams (in the medal hunt). It used to be the US team and one of the other generations, like Spain or Argentina, who can play toe-to-toe with them.

Now we have a lot of countries who can compete. Not just to play in the Final. But also to beat USA. Spain, of course, but also France, Australia…a lot of good teams out there who can compete and win the gold medal.”

On playing for the national team of Spain: “Putting the jersey on with the national team, playing along with Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol, Juan Carlos Navarro, Rudy Fernandez, it was like, ‘I made it!’ I’m one of the 12 best players in my country.

And I’m not just playing for ‘Rubio,’ for me or my family, I’m playing for the whole country that’s watching us and cheering for us.

I remember watching the World Cup and the Olympic Games as a kid, and saying ‘Spain are playing. We are playing.’ When you are playing for the national team, it’s not just the 12 guys playing. It’s ‘we’ playing. The whole country.”