Knicks offseason and Rubio’s move to the Suns voted the worst moves of the summer

Photo: Sports Illustrated

While some teams made highlights this offseason by bringing superstars to their teams, others had less successful free agency period.

According to 20 coaches, executives and scouts from across the NBA who answered ESPN questions, the New York Knicks’ offseason (6 votes) was the worst move of the summer along with Ricky Rubio joining the Phoenix Suns.

Terry Rozier’s move to the Charlotte Hornets came third with 4 votes.

“Some people were like they did a good job keeping their powder dry, but I don’t even like [Julius] Randle, so I don’t get what they did,” an Eastern Conference executive said. “I guess it was better than spending $80 million on two free agents. But that’s like saying you’re eating healthier because you didn’t go to McDonald’s for lunch and Burger King for dinner. Yes, you’re eating healthier — but only because you couldn’t eat worse.”