Photo: Rob Ferguson/AP

Decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder has been brewing for some time, Paul George revealed in an interview with Rachel Nichols of the ESPN.

“This was nothing that came out of the blue; we were all on the same page. The initial plan was to give it another year, see what we could do & I did that. We played another year & it felt like we were just stagnant. Next thing was, let’s move forward with other plans”, said George.

“Again, it was mutual amongst everybody. Thunder got amazing packages out of it, for myself, for Russ when Houston involved. And we all thought it was a win across the board, we all thought it was the best moment to pull the plug.”

According to Paul George, Russell Westbrook was understanding when he heard that his co-star is leaving the team for the Clippers:

“[It] was easy, same conversation me and Russ always have. He was happy, he understood. He was all for it. We talked as men and again, he was happy for me and he wanted me to do what was best for me and my career.”