ImageGreat Britain came up strong in Seville, grabbing their first win after beating Slovenia 56-63, leaving the Slovenians without a victory in the tournament and with a lot to think about.

Slovenia played without Matjaz Smodis who is sidelined due to injury and it is very likely that he will miss the Eurobasket in Poland. On the other hand Great Britain saw Andrew Betts returning, and what a comeback it was!

Slovenia: Lakovic 5, E.Lorbek 6, Dragic 6, Brezec 6, D.Lorbek 5, Jagodnik 7, B.Udrih 4, Vujacic 0, Nachbar 3, Vidmar 2, Slokar 3, Golemac 2, S.Udrih 7

Great Britain: Boyd 7, Achara 13, Betts 11, Sullivan 4, George 2, Renking 13, Lenzly 3, Clark 7, Hart 3, Hanke 0