Virtus Bologna GM on Milos Teodosic: “He will get a bonus if we go to the EuroLeague”

Milos Teodosic
Photo: Sportime

The General Manager of Virtus Bologna, Luca Baraldi, referred to the acquisition of Milos Teodosic and the contract of the Serbian guard.

Here is what Baraldi told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, per Bologna Basket.

“The Teodosic negotiation. Harsh. A delicate negotiation. We were talking to him for two months, just after Sasha Djordjevic became our head coach. He told us to go talk with him and he spoke with Milos.

He will get just over five million in salaries plus a bonus if we go to the EuroLeague. This, however, is marginal. I think the pay package is already rewarding.”

Milos Teodosic spent the previous two seasons with the LA Clippers and was a free agent since February.