Emir PreldzicEmir Preldzic, the Slovenian star of Fenerbhace Ulker has turned down the call to Slovenia National Team he got by Juri Zdovc and decided to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina instead.

Preldzic decided to take the summer off to shake off all the minor injury problems he has been facing during the entire last season.
According to the Bosnian newspaper "Dnevni Avaz" which quoted the player himself, Preldzic will be issued a Bosnian passport shortly, something which will allow him to play for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the future.
That means he will have to sit out of any international competitions until FIBA gives him the green light to change National Teams, and play for Bosnia and Herzegovina, instead of Slovenia for which he played in 2007 in their U20 National Team.
The Slovenian Basketball Federation commented on the situation through their spokesman Matej Avanzo:
"We are very surprised to hear this. We had a lot of discussions with him so far and he had assured us he would play for us. I don't know why he made such statements to the Bosnian media.
Nevertheless it is a decision that should be made by the player himself and we have never forced anyone to play for Slovenia. For the moment we have not received an application for a citizenship change, so typically for us Preldzic is still a member of Slovenian National Team.
In any case we don't want any troubles or scandals."