Aito Garcia RenesesAito has announced he will not remain as Spanish National Head Coach, His future is in Unicaja, where he can work for a long project, as he wants. Meanwhile, Carlos Jimenez told their mates that he quits the National Team.

Aito Garcia Reneses announced that he will not stay as Head Coach of the Spanish National Team. After the successful Olympics Games where he and his players were able to play with equality against the USA team and getting the silver medal, Aito quits.

He has said that the reason to leave the National team is that he doesn't want to coach just for two months per year, and wants to keep working during the season. It's a loud secret that he will sign for Unicaja Malaga in the next days.

In Malaga Aito will meet Carlos Jimenez, the captain of the National Team. Just after the game, when they were yet on the floor, Carlos Jimenez told their team mates that he will not play for the National Team anymore.

With that great silver medal, he leaves the team after a wonderful cycle when he became the Spanish player with more medals in international tournaments.