Zydrunas IlgauskasCleveland Cavaliers are prepared to do anything what it takes to stop Zydrunas Ilgauskas from playing for Lithuania in Beijing Olympics. Lrytas.lt reports that the club found another reason to at least delay Big Z's return to Lithuania. Ilgauskas had the plain tickets in his pocket but the club decided to test his health this week.

Ilgauskas couldn't refuse because the condition to test his health is in his contract.

Vice president of LKF (Lithuanian Basketball Federation), Sarunas Kliokys described this action as a mockery.

It was planned to test Ilgauskas health in Europe but Cavaliers decided to do the testing in USA so they could try to find reasons not to let him play for his country.

The insurance policy of Zydrunas Ilgauskas was sent to NBA and the details are being sorted these days. Though NBA is not giving the final answer yet. FIBA lawyers delcared that there are no legal grounds why Ilgauskas could be stopped from playing in Olympics.

LKF is determined to fight till the end. It was decided to get NBA permission and don't even get into negotiations with Cavs as they clearly stated that they will not let Zydrunas Ilgauskas play basketball this summer. According to FIBA and NBA agreement, NBA team cannot stop his player for representing his national team if his health is insured. If Cavaliers are to block Ilgauskas, LKF plan to ask The Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland to sort the dispute.

"We don't want to be at odds with Cavaliers, but if we have no other choice, we will do it", Sarunas Kliokys said.

If the trial goes to the court, it could lead to the cancellation of Ilgauskas contract which has 2 years remaining worth 22.4 million dollars.

The first camp of Lithuania national team starts this weekend in Palanga.