We have all heard about the new project of FC Bayern to build a strong and competitive basketball team. The first step in this direction was hiring coach Dirk Bauermann. According to Bauermann himself now, Dirk Nowitzki could be a long-range step.

Bauermann is having no illusions. The main goal of the season is for FC Bayern to get promoted to the first league, and establish the club as a major power there in the seasons to come. He does however believe that it is not impossible to lure Dirk into playing for the club sometime in the future.

“Nowitzki may be Franconian*, but he’s also a Bavarian. If we succeed in our primary goals, he may become a long-range step for the club. When a club like FC Bayern decides to establish top-knotch basketball in Munich, this has a great influence over the entire sport. This a historical chance for Germany.” said coach Bauermann.

* Nowitzki was born in Wurzburg, Franconia which is a region somehow culturally different yet within the borders of Bavaria.