Messina: The ACB is very demanding

ImageReal Madrid Head Coach, Ettore Messina, put a new entry in the blog he keeps for Russian fans at He talks about the ACB, the transfers Real made, the prospects and the veterans of the team.

"It’s worth noting that Spanish League teams have a style of play which is perhaps one of the fastest, if not the fastest, in Europe. A great deal of emphasis is put on aggressive defense and fast-break points.

This league is very demanding and that’s exactly why we needed a deep roster. Having less depth could prove dangerous not only because of possible injuries but also in terms of getting through the rigorous schedule." said Messina amongst others about the ACB.

After that he went on to analyse some of his players and the playing style he tries to embed into the team, with special mentions to Darjus Lavrinovic, Jorge Garbajosa and Travis Hansen.

On a funny note he talked about language skills.

"Darjus is not very fluent in English yet and now and then at practices I communicate with him using my modest knowledge of Russian to make sure he gets what I’m saying. That basically means me speaking a language that nobody else around with a possible exception of Travis can understand."

You can read the full entry here