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Panathinaikos wins 38th Greek Basket league title


Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. (2nd place) – AEK Athens ( 1st place): 82-83  (1-3)

Quarters: 18-24, 38-41, 60-59, 82-83

Venue: Peristeri Arena ( Andreas Papandreou) 

Referees: Koromilas – Andrikopoulos – K.Poursanidis

MVP: York Gabe

Gabe York and  Hunter was the main factor why Aek had an outstanding start (6-15). The visitors remained as leader in the end of the first quarter (18-24).  Peristeri made mistakes and the team, which coached by Argyris Pedoulakis, missed many shots. Although Aek had an 9-0 in a row (21-30), but Peristeri achieved to equalize the match. Aek was in front of at halftime (38-41). Xanthopoulos from Aek had a great performance especially in the third quarter, but a 3 pointer from Gray gave the leading score to Peristeri ( 52-50). The hosts was in the lead by 1 point (60-59).  The score was so close and the hosts remained as leader ( 71-70). Although Aek took the lead, but a 3 pointer from Vasilopoulos for Peristeri equalized the match ( 82-82). A free throw of Theodore ( Aek) and a missed shot from Callahan ( Peristeri) made the final 82-83. Aek finally won the series for the third place. 

Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. (2nd place) best players : Points: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 18 points) , Rebound: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Steven Gray ( 6 assists)

 AEK Athens ( 1st place) best players  : Points: Gabe York ( 19 points) , Rebound: Howard Sant-Roos ( 4 rebounds) , Assist: Vasilis Xanthopoulos ( 5 assists)

KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place) – Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 4th place): ( 111-77) (3-0)

Quarters: 31-8, 62-34, 86-53, 111-77

Venue:  OAKA Indoor Hall

Referees: Manos – Tzafleris – Pantelidis

MVP: Giwrgos Papagiannis

Panathinaikos was decisive from the start and the team, which coached by Rick Pitino had a great game. The score of the first quarter was ( 31-8). Obviously the game was over, but Promitheas tried to be competitive. The hosts led by 28 points at halftime ( 62-34). Promitheas made an attempt to equalize match in the third quarter, but the hosts remained as leader ( 86-53).  Promitheas players were exhausted and Panathinaikos won easily the game ( 111-77). Panathinaikos won the Basketleague championship.

 KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place)best players  : Points: Giwrgos Papagiannis ( 16 points) , Rebound: Giwrgos Papagiannis  ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Nick Calathes ( 9 assists)

 Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 4th place)   best players : Points: Langston Hall ( 12 points) , Rebound:  Langston Hall ( 4 rebounds) , Assist: Langston Hall  ( 8 assists)

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