Raymond FeltonAccording to a couple of reports, the Golden State Warriors want to add Raymond Felton. The Warriors are interested to add a fast play maker to their team and are willing to give up either Brandan Wright (21 year old second year forward) or the 20 year old rookie forward Anthony Randolph.

After the addition of Jamal Crawford, the Warriors want to sign a talented point guard, thats why discussions are taking place with the Charlotte Bobcats. Felton fits in to coach Nelson's playing style and this trade has a lot of chances to take place. On the other hand, Charlotte has no problem with this development because, so far, rookie D.J. Augustin shows from his first year that he can be the starter point guard of the team. Felton is 25 years old, a South Carolina native, and he was the 5th overall draft pick in 2005 by Charlotte Bobcats.

On a different note, forward Elton Brand will miss one month due to a dislocated right shoulder that received in a win wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks.