ImageFinally Cajasol won a game, this time against polish team Energa Czarni, first round of EuroChallenge, the third european competition. Easy game, first one for new coach Pedro Martínez.

I was going to the arena wondering about how many people would be to see the match between Cajasol and Energa Czarni. Seville is a sunny city, and today it was really cold, windy, bad weather… Moreover, it's wednesday, a not very traditional day here in Seville to see a basketball match; eight years, such a long time…

All this said, it was not surprise for me that there were no more than two thousand fans in San Pablo to encourage their team. It was really sad to realize that here, only football matters. It's true that the game was not interesting at all (few people would know Energa Czarni in the town), but after eight years, and so many chances to get an almost free ticket… President and members of board in Cajasol should be worried about that, in my opinion.

The game had no story. It was clear that Cajasol was going to win the game, because their rival was so weak. Only Matea Kedzo (former croatian young star from Split) could score, with that soft touch of him. Juanjo Triguero played a very good game, specially because nobody on the other side had the same size as him. So balls to Triguero, and leave him enough room to play inside. this took to first advantages for Cajasol, which wouldn't loose in the end.

To make the game more interesting and not so cold, all the electronic stuff in the arena suddenly turned off, so the clock was told by the speaker. something really hilarious. So funny that Energa took their chance and got closer to Cajasol, less than ten points.

But on the second half, with the clock turned on, the game went again to the same path it was at the beginning. At it was the same until the end. It was a good game to recover self-confidence, specially for players like Triguero, Carter and Savanovic, the inside players. Ilic… where is Ilic? Nobody knows. If he can't even play this kind of games, well, leave him at home.

So now it's a long way for Cajasol to start to get good results in ACB league, the main competition for them, as their coach Pedro Martínez said, and try to reach as far as the can in this competition, EuroChallenge.

89 – Cajasol (30+16+24+19): Tyus Edney (7), Tyrone Ellis (23), Andrés Miso (6), Dusko Savanovic (8), Juan José Triguero (21) -starting five-, Pedro Rivero (2), Michal Ignerski (2), Mile Ilic (5), Warren Carter (15), Andrea Pecile (-)

75 – Energa Czarni (18+21+20+16): Jason Straight (10), Demetric Bennett (10), Marcin Sroka (13), Rolando Howell (2), Mateo Kedzo (17) -starting five-, Jack Ingram (-), Pawel Leonczyk (16), Mantas Cesnauskis (7)