During the 2010-2011 season, the Bank of Moscow is the general sponsor of the Dynamo-Moscow basketball club, having allocated about 1 million US dollars to the club.

“The Bank of Moscow is a financial structure that is deeply involved in the life of the city and the country as a whole. Governed by the principles of social responsibility, the Bank focuses considerable attention on support for national sport”, noted Alexey Sitnikov, Vice-President of the Bank of Moscow. “We hope that our combined, team work together with the Dynamo-Moscow basketball club will result in major successes here at home and on the world arena, will attract supporters and ultimately make a tangible contribution to development of Russian basketball”.

“We are delighted that the Bank of Moscow is continuing to support the country’ oldest basketball club. Since we began collaborating, the club has gone through different periods, but the Bank of Moscow has always been by our side, always provided help”, noted Evgeniy Gomelskiy, President of the Dynamo-Mos cow basketball club. “I am pleased that, today, there are basketball players from Russia on our teams. We give young players an opportunity to show themselves; they are the future of Russian basketball and of Russian sport in general.”

“The co-operation between the Bank of Moscow and Dynamo-Moscow basketball club has been a tradition for many years now. All this time, the Bank has been a reliable partner of the club”, Evgeniy Gomelskiy added. “This year, a long-term strategy has been adopted for development the Dynamo-Moscow basketball club into the home club for the Russian national basketball team. Since last season, Dynamo has been equipped primarily with national players and the trainers are from Russia, too. Our teams got as far as the Russian championship semi-final. Yet we see our greatest achievement as training of players for Russia’s national teams.”

Alexey Sitnikov (Vice-President of Bank of Moscow) and Evgeniy Gomelsky (President of Dynamo Moscow) agree

The Bank has been collaborating with the basketball team since 2005 and also provides financial support for the Youth Basketball Association.

The Bank supported the Dynamo (Moscow) basketball team during the 2005-2006 season as Technical Sponsor and,in 2006-2008 the Bank was the club’s Official Sponsor. In 2007, the Bank’s sponsorship involved funding the club during the XIV Basketball Superleague Championship, the XVII Russian Championship 2007-2008 and the ULEB Cup. In 2008, the Bank of Moscow became the Official Sponsor of the Dynamo (Moscow) men’s basketball club.

The Bank of Moscow does much to promote the development of national sport. Within the scope of this support, since 1998, the Bank has been a partner of the Kremlin Cup International Tennis Tournament and, since 2003, has been the tournament’s General Partner. Since 2004, the Bank has funded the tournament’s prize fund in full.

In addition, the Bank of Moscow provides sponsorship assistance to the Moscow Sailing Federation, the Russian Cycling Federation (FVSR), and promising young Russian sportsmen: since 2009, it has been supporting the performance of the young Russian sportswoman Anna Balashova at horse-riding competitions.

Source: Bank of Moscow