Luis Guil no longer coach of Fuenlabrada, Moncho out of Murcia

ImageAyda en Accion Fuenlabrada was a high flying team a couple of months ago, as the started the ACB season with 4-0 wins and had two-time weekly MVP in rotation, Gerald Fitch.

The tide has changed however as Fuenlabrada counts seven losses in a row and stands 17th (out of 18) in the ACB with a 4-7 record. As a result bot coach Luis Guil and the clubs management, mutually agreed to terminate their collaboration.

Guil has been with the club for four years. Assistant coach Chus Mateo will take over at the helm of the team.

Moncho Fernandez out of Murcia

And if Fuenla is placed 17th in the ACB, Murcia occupies the bottom at 18th place. Their coach Moncho Fernandez will also not continue with his team and he will be replaced temporarliy by his assistsnt  Joachim Prado.