UEFA (Football) probe into fixed games has revealed that games have been fixed in a number of leagues, including Champions League and World Cup qualifiers in order to profit on them through betting and according to “Spiegel” the scandal could even touch the German basketball league too.

According to German news magazine “Spiegel ” which is one of the most reliable European medias, authorities are currently examining a German BBL playoff game from June 2009 towards its involvement in the big European sports betting scandal. The exact game has not  been mentioned. Playoff games in June included Game 2 and 3 of the Oldenburg – Bamberg semifinal series [which Oldenburg won in three games], Game 2 to 5 of the Bonn – Berlin series [which Bonn won in five games], and all five games of the Oldenburg – Bonn final series [which Oldenburg won in five games].

It is worth to mention that many of those games series were won by away teams. The final series between Oldenburg-Bonn saw the away team winning 4 out of the 5 games!

A few weeks ago [when the whole topic started to unfold in the media] it was written that Ivan Pavic [former Bamberg player, some sort of sports director(?) and – independent – player scout] had been taken into custody due to his involvement in the scandal.

However, no indication that the playoff game is linked with Pavic’ doings in the scandal.