Famous actor Scott Kyle spoke with and referred to his relationship with basketball and the possibility of playing in a basketball movie.

Here is what the Scottish actor said:

On whether he is a fan of the NBA and who his favourite player in the league is at the moment: “I don’t watch it often, but I do enjoy watching basketball when it’s on TV. Don’t have a favourite player that I can think of, just enjoy watching the spectacle.”

On if he would consider playing in a basketball movie, like Space Jam 2, and whether this would be of interest to him: “Yes and yes ha ha, not sure I would be the best actor to cast as I’m not on the same level as MJ.”

On what his relationship with basketball is and whether he is just a fan or he has ever played at an amateur or professional level: “I’ve only ever played for fun at school so it’s not something that I ever play as an adult. Might need to start though after doing this interview ha ha.”