Jordi Bertomeu: “Τhere can’t be five Spanish teams competing in the EuroLeague next season”

EuroLeague Basketball
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

EuroLeague CEO Jordi Bertomeu spoke with the Lithuanian media and clarified that no country will have more than four teams in the EuroLeague.

Bertomeu also talked about why five Spanish teams participated in the competition last season and whether this can happen again in case Valencia or Andorra win the EuroCup.

“As an exception, we had five Spanish teams in the 2017/18 Euroleague, which was a consequence of the fact that, in the previous year, we went down from 24 clubs to 16. It was a kind of compensation, but it was an exception.

According to the rules, the maximum number of teams in a country will be four. If a Spanish team wins the Eurocup, that means that no Spanish team will qualify via the ACB for the Euroleague. The EuroCup champion has priority over the hypothetical champion of the ACB. So there can’t be five Spanish teams competing in next season’s competition,” the experienced executive said.

Here is the press conference of Bertomeu in Kaunas: