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Barcelona head coach Svetislav Pesic spoke with the Serbian sports newspaper Zurnal and referred to the Copa Del Rey Final against Real Madrid.

Here is what the experienced coach said:

“There were a lot of finals with clubs and national teams but this was the craziest final in my career. The hall was crowded, the pressure is big, everybody is against you, the stakes are high.

However, we knew we can compete with them and that we’re in a good form. It was a match with a lot of turns, comebacks and decisions from the players as well as the coaches. Quite a crazy match.”

Coach Pesic also talked about the importance of the win over the “Whites” (93-94), which helped the Catalans claim the second straight Copa Del Rey Final.

“It was a crazy game from start to finish. The rivalry between Real and Barcelona is big and it’s always important to win in the derby. Especially when one beats Real, and does so in Madrid.

That doesn’t happen every year. That’s why our success and the won trophy are more important than last year’s Cup when we also beat Real in the Final.”