The ACB League President Antonio Martin made an official statement and addressed the situation regarding the referees’ decisions in the 2019 Copa Del Rey Final.

Here is what the chairman of the league said:

“There have been several serious arbitration errors at the end of the game. For the first time we have made the image of Instant Replay available to the world and therefore all the action in reference to the play is public.

Fans have been able to see live exactly what they have reviewed and the decision that the referees have taken. On the other hand, there have also been actions that by regulation cannot be reviewed by the Instant Replay.

Every time we have more technological advances and we must use them in the right way to help the arbitration establishment to make the right decisions, always knowing that it has to coexist with human error.

To improve this aspect in a relevant way, the continuous technical training throughout the season is a priority for us in the coming months, and we are going to do it together with the arbitration collective.”